Ekstedt in Stockholm - 1 Michelin star

Rating: 90. "No electric cookers, no gas burners; just heat, soot, ash, smoke and fire". It was that statement on the "About Us" section on their website, what drew me to Ekstedt. The exterior and interior suggest a modern Stockholm restaurant but the cooking techniques in the kitchen are quite the opposite. At Ekstedt all the food is cooked on a cast iron stove, over an open fire pit, in ...
Category: Restaurants - Subcategory Sweden - Stockholm - 1 comment - 28-03-2014


Dinner by Heston Blumenthal - 2 Michelin stars

Rating: 95. Restaurants and their signature dishes, there are many examples. Famous ones are Paul Bocuse's 'Soupe aux truffes noires V.G.E.', Frederic Anton's 'La Pomme', Thomas Keller's 'Oysters and Pearls', Massimo Bottura's 'Oops, I dropped the lemon tart', Gordon Ramsay's 'Lobster Ravioli', Pascal Barbot's 'Tarte au foie gras, c...
Category: Restaurants - Subcategory UK - London - 4 comments - 21-03-2014


Ciel Bleu in Amsterdam - 2 Michelin stars (2014 review)

Rating: 92. With its location on the 23rd floor of the Okura Hotel in Amsterdam, Ciel Bleu still takes the lead when it comes to bright lights, big city views over Amsterdam. But where Ciel Bleu used to be the only two-star restaurant in the Dutch capital for years, Amsterdam now boasts three two-star restaurants, the newcomers in this category being Bord'eau at the l'Europe Hotel and &samhoud pla...
Category: Restaurants - Subcategory The Netherlands - Amsterdam - 20-03-2014


Le Petit Bistro at The Grand in Amsterdam - perhaps not?!

Rating: 83. The week of 10 - 16 March 2014 was a remarkable week in gastronomy. Michelin published the Main Cities of Europe guide 2014 and announced the future publication of a new Nordic guide. Michael Ellis commented on Noma and the third star (so far not forthcoming) and in the Anglo-Saxon world there was a lot of discussion about the web of interdependency weaved by bloggers, journalists, restaurants and...
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Nordic Michelin starred chefs on Twitter

This is a list of all Nordic Michelin starred chefs/restaurants currently on Twitter, based on the Michelin guide for Main Cities of Europe 2014, which features 39 Michelin starred restaurants in Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden. Michelin is expected to publish a separate Nordic countries guide in April 2014. In cases where the head chef(s) doesn't/don't have a personal Twitter acc...
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Michelin guide Main Cities of Europe 2014

This morning in Stockholm Michelin presented the 2014 edition of the Main Cities of Europe guide. Also announced today was that Michelin is going to publish a separate Nordic guide; according to the wording of the press-release it will be published in April 2014. Michelin has awarded Funky Gourmet in Athens a second Michelin star. Head chefs at Funky Gourmet are Georgianna Hiliadaki and Nick Ro...
Category: Michelin - 2 comments - 12-03-2014


Matbaren in Stockholm - 1 Michelin star

Rating: 90.   Matbaren is the second, bistro-style restaurant of Bocuse d'Or gold medalist Mathias Dahlgren. The restaurant is located on the ground floor of Stockholm's Grand Hôtel and shares an entrance with Dahlgren's two-star fine dining restaurant Matsalen. Matbaren has held a Michelin star since 2008. On the menu are small plates, some more substantial than others, which yo...
Category: Restaurants - Subcategory Sweden - Stockholm - 10-03-2014


Vintage Port 1994 - a mixed bag?!

The 1970's and 1980's will not go down in history as a particularly glorious era for vintage port. This is not the place to analyse the root causes in detail, but it is likely that the use of chemical fertilizers and herbicides (which increased dramatically with the construction of the patamares) and poor handling and hygiene are collectively to blame. The 1970 vintage was excellent, pro...
Category: Wine - Subcategory Other - 09-03-2014


Frantzén in Stockholm (2014 review)

Rating: 98. Since my maiden visit to Frantzén in December 2012, chef Björn Frantzén has built himself a small empire on the block between Lilla Nygatan and Mälartorget in the old town of Stockholm. The flagship restaurant has been joined by the following siblings: gastropub The Flying Elk, cocktail bar The Corner Club and wine bar Gaston (all opened in March 2013), and the latest famil...
Category: Restaurants - Subcategory Sweden - Stockholm - 3 comments - 08-03-2014


Dom Beisl in Vienna - 1 Michelin star

Rating: 82. What does it take to get a Michelin star? People often ask me. In recent years Michelin has lifted the veil of secrecy around the awarding process slightly, but most of it is still a mystery to us all. The quality of the food is all that matters, Michelin states explicitly and the verdict from Mount Michelympus is supposed to be as impartial as that of Lady Justice herself. In reality, the judges ...
Category: Restaurants - Subcategory Austria - Vienna - 1 comment - 25-02-2014


Michelin guide France 2014

This morning Michelin announced the results of the 2014 guide for France. Michelin has awarded a third star to L'Assiette Champenoise in Reims. Executive chef at L'Assiette Champenoise is 39-year-old Arnaud Lallement, who has trained in the kitchens of some of France's most legendary chefs, like Roger Vergé, Alain Chapel and Michel Guérard. The restaurant was awarded its...
Category: Michelin - 24-02-2014


Daalder in Amsterdam

Rating: 90. Restaurant Daalder is located in a former jazz café on the corner of the Lindengracht and the Eerste Goudsebloemdwarsstraat in in the historic Jordaan area of Amsterdam. But if you look at the rave reviews that Daalder has garnered since Guillaume de Beer became head chef at the end of 2012, you might also say that Daalder is located on the corner of 'popular' and 'fab...
Category: Restaurants - Subcategory The Netherlands - Amsterdam - 7 comments - 22-02-2014


Steirereck in Vienna - 2 Michelin stars

Rating: 92. Steirereck is a second generation restaurant located on the banks of the river Wien in Vienna's Stadtpark in a former 'milk pump room'. Heinz Reitbauer senior and his wife Margarethe opened Steirereck on the corner of the Rasumofskygasse and the Weissgerberlände in Vienna in 1970. In 1996 the Reitbauer family established Wirtshaus Steirereck Pogusch, a restaurant, country inn and ...
Category: Restaurants - Subcategory Austria - Vienna - 18-02-2014


Silvio Nickol in Vienna - 2 Michelin stars

Rating: 93. Palais Coburg is a suite-only hotel in the heart of Vienna, originally built in 1840-1845 as the residence of Prince Ferdinand of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha, who was related to Queen Victoria and Prince Albert. Various members of the Saxe-Coburg-Gotha family lived in the palace until 1994. In 1997 Palais Coburg was purchased by the POK Pühringer Piravatstiftung, a private foundation established by investor...
Category: Restaurants - Subcategory Austria - Vienna - 12-02-2014


Restaurant Fred in Rotterdam - 2 Michelin stars

Rating: 91. With the release of the 2014 Michelin guide, the Netherlands gained 3 new two-star restaurants, Restaurant Fred and FG (previously Ivy), both in Rotterdam and Bord'eau in Amsterdam. The Netherlands have 19 two-star restaurants in total. Fred Mustert's eponymous restaurant opened its doors in 2008 and was awarded its first Michelin star in 2010. Before opening his own restaurant Fred Muster...
Category: Restaurants - Subcategory The Netherlands - Rotterdam - 1 comment - 05-02-2014


Villa Merton in Frankfurt - 2 Michelin stars

Rating: 87. Restaurant Villa Merton is housed in a neo-Baroque villa, located in the diplomatic district of Frankfurt. The villa is also the home of the 'Union International Club', a international service club. The villa was originally built as a family home in 1927 for the Jewish industrialist and politician Richard Merton. After having been persecuted by the Nazis for a number of years, Richard...
Category: Restaurants, - Subcategory Germany - Frankfurt - 27-01-2014


Brasserie Chavot in London - 1 Michelin star

Rating: 89. In 2009 French chef Eric Chavot surprised the London dining scene with the sudden announcement he would be leaving his position as head chef of The Capital Restaurant at the Capital Hotel. Chavot had been the head chef of the two-star restaurant for almost 10 years. Initially he wanted to take some time off to travel, but not long after his departure he became consulting c...
Category: Menuknop 1 - Subcategory London - 2 comments - 25-01-2014


Restaurant Story in London - 1 Michelin star

Rating: 91. The tale of Restaurant Story starts in October 2011 when the London Borough of Southwark grants planning permission for the demolition of a former public toilet block on Tooley Street and to rebuild it as a restaurant. The month after, chef Tom Sellers (b. 1987) announces a 2-day pop-up event called 'Foreword' where people can preview the food of his upcoming restaurant. Some 18 months and...
Category: Restaurants - Subcategory UK - London - 5 comments - 16-01-2014


Osteria Francescana in Modena, Italy - 3 Michelin stars

Rating: 96. The first time I heard of Italian chef Massimo Bottura was in 2006, when he appeared in Heston Blumenthal's "In Search For Perfection" series. In that particular episode, Heston was on a mission to create the perfect Spag Bol. After some research in Bologna, Heston ended up at in the test kitchen of the then two-star restaurant Osteria Francescana in Modena, were Massimo Bottura...
Category: Restaurants, - Subcategories: Italy3 stars - 13-01-2014


Le Clos du Cèdre in Beaune, France - 1 Michelin star

Rating: 82. Restaurant Le Clos du Cèdre is housed in the charming, 5-star Hostellerie Le Cèdre hotel in Beaune, the wine capital of Burgundy. The hotel only recently got its 5-star rating and the recently added 5th star, which is proudly displayed on the facade of the hotel, still needs to get the patina the other 4 already have. Since 2012 the head chef at Le Clos du Cèdre is Chr...
Category: Restaurants - Subcategory France - Other - 1 comment - 08-01-2014


Chapeau in Bloemendaal, the Netherlands - 2 Michelin stars

Rating: 95. Bloemendaal is a small to medium-sized, rather posh town, some 15 miles west of Amsterdam and close to the North Sea coastline. In the middle of the town centre you will find restaurant Chapeau, which is housed in an elegant "town villa" as they are called in the Netherlands, which used to serve as a hotel. Chapeau opened its doors in 1996 and is run by Ronald Voogel and h...
Category: Restaurants - Subcategory The Netherlands - 1 comment - 07-01-2014


Restaurant Nathan Outlaw - 2 Michelin stars

Rating: 94. Nathan Outlaw's eponymous fine dining restaurant in Rock, Cornwall, has become a true destination restaurant, attracting foodies from far and near. I last visited the restaurant in June 2011 and a lot has happened since. Ever since seafood chef Nathan Outlaw was awarded a second Michelin star in January 2011 he has been on a roller coaster. First there was a book deal: his first book...
Category: Restaurants, - Subcategory UK - Cornwall - 1 comment - 05-01-2014


The 15 Best Dishes of 2013 according to Elizabeth Auerbach aka ElizabethOnFood (as featured on Eater)

As featured on www.eater.com: "The average person spends six years and 10 months of a lifetime eating, the statistics say. Since I started ElizabethOnFood.com in 2010, I have at least added a couple of months to that number and I have to admit that in 2013 I spent an inordinate amount of time in (Michelin starred) restaurants. This year has been exceptional; I have eaten my...
Category: Restaurants - Subcategory Other - 31-12-2013


The Fat Duck Christmas Lunch 2013

At The Fat Duck, operation "Christmas Lunch 2013" was a very serious and passionate affair. The Fat Duck is of course world famous for its carefully designed, elaborate and entertaining, 12-course tasting menu, and they wanted the Christmas lunch menu 2013 to be at least its equal and perhaps even to surpass it. Hence, preparations for this year's Christ...
Category: Restaurants - Subcategories: 3 starsUK - 1 comment - 15-12-2013


Lima, London - 1 Michelin star

Rating: 90. Ají limo pepper, Algarrobo tree syrup, Cancha corn, Chia seeds, Paiche, Tiger's milk, Kiwicha, Maca; these are just few characteristic Peruvian ingredients. Most of us are unaccustomed with these ingredients - at least I am. Authentic Peruvian restaurants used to be hard to come by in Europe, but things are changing rapidly and London is leading the way. Last year at least three Pe...
Category: Restaurants - Subcategory UK - London - 03-12-2013


Schloss Schauenstein in Fürstenau, Switzerland - 3 Michelin stars

Rating: 100. Schloss Schauenstein, located in the Domleschg valley in the canton of Graubünden (Grisons) in Switzerland, is the name of the alpine castle which houses Andreas Caminada's eponymous 3-star restaurant. The castle, which was first mentioned in official documents back in 1257, also houses six luxury hotel rooms. Schauenstein is about a 90 minute drive from Zürich Airport and some 15 minutes by car f...
Category: Restaurants - Subcategories: Switzerland3 stars - 4 comments - 01-12-2013


La Côte Saint Jacques, France - 3 Michelin stars

Rating: 96. La Côte Saint Jacques is a third generation family restaurant, located on the banks of the Yonne river in Joigny, Burgundy and it has been a Relais & Chateaux member since 1977. The building in which the restaurant is located also houses 32 rooms and suites, a boutique and a spa. The restaurant was originally established as an inn in 1945 by Marie Lorain, current chef-patron Jean Michel ...
Category: Restaurants - Subcategories: 3 starsFrance - 24-11-2013


Paul Ainsworth at No. 6 in Padstow - 1 Michelin star

Rating: 90. It has become hard to imagine that Padstow was once just a fishing village on the North coast of Cornwall. Thanks to high-profile chefs like Rick Stein and Paul Ainsworth, Padstow has become one of the top foodie destinations in the UK. Together, Stein and Ainsworth have six eating houses scattered around the village. Paul Ainsworth has two: his Michelin starred restaurant...
Category: Restaurants - Subcategory UK - Cornwall - 14-11-2013


Berners Tavern at the Edition Hotel

Rating: 88. After a refurbishment of almost 3 years, the old Berners Hotel on 10 Berners Street in London's West End, reopened late September as the London Edition Hotel. Edition is a luxury hotel brand, created by entrepreneur Ian Shrager and the Marriott hotel group. In the 1970s and 1980s Ian Shrager and his business partner Steve Rubbel were widely known as the founders and owners of legendary New Yor...
Category: Restaurants - 10-11-2013


Meet Germany's 11 three-star chefs

Currently Germany has 11 three-star restaurants, spread around the country. Not all of these are household names in the international, particularly the English speaking, dining scene. I thought it would be worthwhile to give you a brief introduction to these eleven men.     View all three-star restaurants in Germany in a larger map     (copy...
Category: Restaurants,Michelin - Subcategory Germany - 09-11-2013


Reinstoff in Berlin - 2 Michelin stars

Rating: 90. Electrical equipment giant AEG used to have many factories in and around Berlin, in which they manufactured varied products such as motors, light bulbs, generators and turbines. AEG's light bulb production took place in a factory in the Schlegelstrasse, located in the Berlin Mitte district. The factory complex was redeveloped at the beginning of this century and appropriately re...
Category: Restaurants - Subcategory Germany - Berlin - 05-11-2013


Astrance in Paris - 3 Michelin stars

Rating: 99. Sometimes when you look at Twitter, you would think Paris only has two three-star restaurants: Alain Passard's l'Arpège and Pascal Barbot's Astrance. Paris has 10 three-star restaurants in total, but l'Arpège and Astrance seem to be at the top of many wish lists; Astrance surely was on mine. In my experience l'Arpège is not that difficult to ...
Category: Restaurants - Subcategories: France3 stars - 27-10-2013


Le Sergent Recruteur, Paris - 1 Michelin star

Rating: 91. The first thing you notice when you enter Le Sergent Recruteur is the beautiful contemporary interior, designed by the Spanish designer Jaime Hayon. A restaurant design that won him the 2013 Wallpaper Magazine 'Best Fixer-Upper' award. Le Sergent Recruteur opened in October 2012 and just five months later the restaurant was bestowed with a Michelin star in the 2013 Michelin France guide. A...
Category: Restaurants - Subcategory France - Paris - 20-10-2013


Gidleigh Park in Devon - 2 Michelin stars (2013 review)

Rating: 92. Back in 1999, when Gidleigh park was awarded its second Michelin star, England only had 4 other two-star restaurants outside of London. They were l'Ortolan in Reading (currently down to one star), Lettonie in Bath (now defunct), Winteringham Fields in Winteringham (currently without stars) and obviously Raymond Blanc's Le Manoir aux Quat'Saisons (the only other survivor). Michael ...
Category: Restaurants - Subcategory UK - Devon - 16-10-2013


&samhoud places, Amsterdam - 2 Michelin stars (2013 review)

Rating: 97. "Every opening I deal with wants to have a catchy name. There are three rules. Make sure it is not rude, people can spell it, and it is not in an obscure language." So says Maureen Mills, London restaurant PR person extraordinaire. Seems reasonable. And then they decide to call it &samhoud places. What? I know, don't ask. They? They are Salem Samhoud and Moshi...
Category: Restaurants - Subcategory The Netherlands - Amsterdam - 07-10-2013


Umu in Mayfair, London - 1 Michelin star

Rating: 90. When Umu restaurant opened its doors in 2004 in Mayfair it was the first Kyoto kaiseki restaurant in Britain. The restaurant is part of the MARC group, that also owns The Greenhouse in Mayfair, Cassis bistro in Knightsbridge and Morton's Club, a private members' club in Mayfair. Within a year after its opening Umu was awarded a Michelin star (2005 guide). Executive chef of Umu is Yoshin...
Category: Restaurants - Subcategory UK - London - 06-10-2013


Restaurant Überfahrt in Rottach-Egern, Germany - 2 Michelin stars

Rating: 97. Note: Restaurant Überfahrt was awarded a third Michelin star in 2014 Michelin guide Germany. Restaurant Überfahrt in Rottach-Egern is celebrating its fifth anniversary this year. The restaurant is housed in Seehotel Überfahrt on the shores of the Tegernsee, a beautiful lake situated some 50 kilometers south of Munich. The hotel is part of the German Althoff Group, a group that&nb...
Category: Restaurants - Subcategories: Germany3 stars - 28-09-2013


Follow that chef! - a list of all British and Irish Michelin starred chefs and restaurants on Twitter

This is a list (5th edition) of all British and Irish Michelin starred chefs/restaurants currently on Twitter, based on the 2014 Michelin guide for Great Britain and Ireland, which features 167 Michelin starred restaurants. In no other country chefs have embraced Twitter as much as in the United Kingdom and Ireland. The first edition of this list was published in November 2011 at a time whe...
Category: Michelin - 16 comments - 26-09-2013


Le Pré Catelan, Paris - 3 Michelin stars

Rating: 98. With a surface area of approximately 3,266 square miles, the Bois de Boulogne in the 16th arrondissement in Paris is one of the largest public parcs in Europe. The famous Roland Garros tennis court is located on the edge of the 'bois'. Right in the middle, in the Pré Catelan gardens, is a rather splendid pavillion, dating back to the time of Napoleon III, in whic...
Category: Restaurants - Subcategories: 3 starsFrance - 4 comments - 19-09-2013


Essigbrätlein in Nuremberg, Germany - 2 Michelin stars

Rating: 79. Restaurant Essigbrätlein in Nuremberg in Bavaria is housed in a building (Weinmarkt 3) that represents almost 500 years of gastronomic history. In 1550 the establishment was already referred to as "des Senzenwirts am Weinmarkt Eckbehausung" and as "Fässla" in 1596 in the city's annals. The designation "Essigbrätlein" is first mentione...
Category: Restaurants - Subcategory Germany - Other - 6 comments - 16-09-2013


De Jonkman in Bruges - 2 Michelin stars

Rating: 93. The beautiful, medieval market town of Bruges was the cultural capital of Europe in 2002, but it can also lay claim to being one of the culinary capitals of Belgium. In the Michelin guide 2013 it sports no fewer than two 3-star restaurants, two 2-star establishments, five places with 1 star and seven Bib Gourmands. Quite impressive for a relatively small city with some 117,000 inhabitants. On...
Category: Restaurants - Subcategory Belgium - Bruges - 09-09-2013


Bridges at Sofitel The Grand in Amsterdam

Rating: 86. Bridges is the restaurant of one of the most prestigious hotels in Amsterdam, Sofitel The Grand on the Oudezijds Voorburgwal right in the city centre. The location of the hotel is steeped in history. Until Amsterdam became a protestant city in 1578, the Saint Cecilia convent was established here. For more than two centuries after this "Alteration of Amsterdam", the building, kn...
Category: Restaurants - Subcategory The Netherlands - Amsterdam - 25-08-2013


The Curlew in Bodiam - 1 Michelin star

Rating: 89. The owners of The Curlew, husband and wife Mark and Sara Colley, have turned this former coaching inn into an attractive restaurant not far from Bodiam Castle, a 14th century medieval castle owned by The National Trust. The restaurant opened in 2009 with Neil McCue at the helm of the kitchen. In 2011 the restaurant was awarded a Michelin star. Neil McCue left The Curlew in September 2012...
Category: Restaurants - Subcategory UK - East Sussex - 23-08-2013


L'Autre Pied, London - 1 Michelin star

Rating: 91. L'Autre Pied is the second restaurant of restaurateur David Moore, who opened his first London restaurant Pied à Terre in Fitzrovia in 1991. Both restaurants are closely linked. l'Autre Pied opened its doors in 2007 with co-owner Marcus Eaves behind the stove and under his reign the restaurant was awarded a Michelin star in 2009. In 2011 Marcus Eaves became head chef at Pied à...
Category: Restaurants - Subcategory UK - London - 22-08-2013


Jean-François Piège, Paris - 2 Michelin stars

Rating: 95. What do Christophe Saintagne, Jocelyn Herland and Franck Cerruti have in common, apart from the fact that you may not know who they are? If you do know there names, you will also know the answer to my question: they are three three-starred chefs. No seriously, they are. They are the chefs at the helms of the kitchens at Alain Ducasse's three-star restaurants in Paris, London and Mona...
Category: Restaurants - Subcategory France - Paris - 15-08-2013


L'Atelier de Joël Robuchon, Saint Germain, Paris - 2 Michelin stars

Rating: 91. Very few chefs become a global brand in their own right. Paul Bocuse, Alain Ducasse and Gordon Ramsay come to mind. So does Joël Robuchon (b. 1945). One of the emperors of international gastronomy, he presides over a realm, studded with Michelin stars, that currently consists of establishments in nine cities: Paris, London, Las Vegas, Monaco, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Macau, Taipei and Singapore...
Category: Restaurants - Subcategory France - Paris - 09-08-2013


't Zilte in Antwerp - 2 Michelin stars

Rating: 93. It would be stating the obvious to say that the Belgians, both in Flanders and in Wallonia, are Burgundian people. Food and drink are very important, even essential, aspects of life here. Historically they are Burgundian too however; in the 15th century, large parts of what is today the Kingdom of Belgium became part of the Duchy of Burgundy. After the death of Charles le Téméraire in 1477, the Bu...
Category: Restaurants - Subcategory Belgium - Antwerp - 07-08-2013


In De Wulf in Dranouter, Belgium - 1 Michelin star

Rating: 93. Dranouter in Belgium is a small village with some 700 inhabitants in the fields of Flanders, just southwest of Ypres at less than 1 mile from the French border. It would perhaps be slightly uncharitable to say that it is in the middle of nowhere, but it is certainly a peaceful place. It is peaceful now; almost a century ago it was in Flanders Fields, just a few miles behind the fron...
Category: Restaurants - Subcategory Belgium - Dranouter - 02-08-2013


Lorenz Adlon Esszimmer in Berlin - 2 Michelin stars

Rating: 93. Lorenz Adlon (1849-1921) was a powerhouse in the restaurant and hotel scene of the imperial Berlin of Wilhelm II. One might perhaps say that he was the César Ritz of Germany. He was born in Mainz and started his career as a restaurateur in 1877 in the “Raimundigarten” in Mainz. In the 1880’s he moved to Berlin, where he acquired a number of restaurants, the most famous of ...
Category: Restaurants - Subcategory Germany - Berlin - 12-07-2013


Social Eating House, Poland Street, London

Rating: 90. Note: In the Michelin Great Britain & Ireland 2014 guide Social Eating House was awarded a Michelin star. In the last two years, Jason Atherton has quickly built a small culinary empire. The current tally is 3 restaurants in Singapore, 2 in Shanghai, 1 in Hong Kong and 3 in London. The three in London are Michelin starred Pollen Street Social, opened in April 2011, Little Social (opene...
Category: Restaurants - Subcategory UK - London - 08-07-2013


Tim Raue in Berlin - 2 Michelin stars

Rating: 91. On the 19th of June 2013, US-president Barack Obama had dinner in Schloss Charlottenburg in Berlin with "Bundeskanzler" Angela Merkel and a few dozen guests. The four courses were cooked by Berlin chef Tim Raue. Overall, it was quite a traditional ("bodenständig") menu: white asparagus, cod, Königsberger Klopse (veal meatball) and Bienenstich (bee sting...
Category: Restaurants - Subcategory Germany - Berlin - 06-07-2013


l'Arpège in Paris - 3 Michelin stars

Rating: 99. It needs no saying that Alain Passard is one of the greatest, active French chefs. If there is such a thing as a "Big Five" in French gastronomy, Passard certainly belongs in it, together perhaps with the likes of Alain Ducasse and Pierre Gagnaire, Michel Troisgros and Guy Savoy? He was widely regarded as the best rôtisseur in France (and, by consequence, in French eyes a...
Category: Restaurants - Subcategories: 3 starsFrance - 2 comments - 02-07-2013


Süllberg - Seven Seas in Hamburg (2 Michelin stars)

Rating: 85. Süllberg Seven Seas is the flagship restaurant of the Karlheinz Hauser group, which consists of a hotel and a number of restaurants on the Süllberg in Blankenese just north of Hamburg, and a catering and consulting company. After having finished his training, Karlheinz Hauser (b. 1967) started working at the Königshof restaurant in Munich in 1988. From 1989 until...
Category: Restaurants - Subcategory Germany - Hamburg - 19-06-2013


Restaurant Haerlin in Hamburg - 2 Michelin stars

Rating: 94. Hotel Vier Jahreszeiten in Hamburg is one of the most prominent traditional grand hotels in Germany. It is one of only nine hotels in Germany to receive the highest rating of five red houses in the Michelin 2013 guide and enjoys a magnificent location on the Binnenalster. The history of the Vier Jahreszeiten started on 24 February 1897 when Friedrich Haerlin purchased an 11-room&n...
Category: Restaurants - Subcategory Germany - Hamburg - 17-06-2013


Aqua in Wolfsburg - 3 Michelin stars

Rating: 98. Its location is somewhat unusual to say the least: Volkswagen Autostadt in Wolfsburg, Germany. Autostadt is a 70 acre theme park right next to the Volkswagen factory and it attracts over 2 million visitors a year. Eight pavilions represent the brands under the umbrella of the Volkswagen AG, such as Audi, Seat, Porsche, Lamborghini and obviously Volkswagen itself. You can also p...
Category: Restaurants - Subcategories: 3 starsGermany - 1 comment - 14-06-2013


Guy Savoy in Paris - 3 Michelin stars

Rating: 99. Guy Savoy (1953) is not a child prodigy. His rise to culinary fame has been gradual and he was almost fifty years old when Michelin bestowed on him the honour of a third star. After training at Le Lion d'Or in Genève, Troisgros in Roanne, Lasserre in Paris and L'Oasis in La Napoule, he opened his eponymous restaurant in the Rue Duret in Paris in 1980. Here, he received his first sta...
Category: Restaurants - Subcategories: 3 starsFrance - 4 comments - 09-06-2013


La Belle Epoque in Travemünde - 3 Michelin stars

Rating: 97. It may well have been a Gillardeau oyster with Eisbein (ham hock), served with parsley, sauerkraut and horseradish that got restaurant La Belle Epoque in Travemünde its third star in the 2013 Michelin guide for Germany. Chief-editor Ralf Flinkenflügel said about this dish: „Dies gehört zu den eindrucksvollsten Gerichten, welche ich in den letzten Jahren gegessen habe“. (...
Category: Restaurants - Subcategories: Germany3 stars - 3 comments - 05-06-2013


The Ritz restaurant, London

Rating: 90. Bistronomy restaurants, bistros and brasseries and their seeming simplicity or even austerity are clearly in sync with the new economic reality we are experiencing and consequently they are hugely popular. The economic uncertainties which we are presented with however, also make us hearken back to long-established traditions and comforts of old, also in the field of gastronomy....
Category: Restaurants - Subcategory UK - London - 1 comment - 20-05-2013


Bubbledogs' Kitchen Table in Fitzrovia, London

Rating: 92. Last summer James Knappett (head chef) and Sandia Chang (restaurant manager/sommelier) opened their restaurant Bubbledogs on Charlotte Street, Fitzrovia, London. Bubbledogs has a concept that is unique in London: gourmet hotdogs served with grower champagnes. The dogs and champagne combo was an instant hit and long queues can be seen outside the restaurant on many nights. At the back of Bubbledogs...
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Kaspar's Seafood Bar and Grill at The Savoy Hotel in London

Rating: 85. The Savoy. Let me start by saying that I love everything Savoy. The grand entrance with head doorman Tony Cortegaca, the lavishly decorated Thames foyer, the iconic American bar, the glamorous and extravagant Beaufort bar, the tea, the chocolates, the blue lift, the red lift, the hotel's illustrious history. No, there is nothing I dislike about the Savoy. Well, there was one thing ac...
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Hibiscus (Claude Bosi) in Mayfair, London - 2 Michelin stars

Rating: 95. Since October 2007, Hibiscus in Maddox Street in Mayfair has been the London restaurant of the Lyon-born, Michelin-starred chef Claude (b. 1972) and Claire Bosi. Claude Bosi started his training at the famous brasserie Léon de Lyon and then went on to work for a number of famous French chefs, among whom Michel Rostang, Alain Passard and Alain Ducasse. In 1997 he mov...
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