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Michelin guide Netherlands 2015

This morning in Maastricht, Michelin announced the results of the 2015 guide for the Netherlands. The 2015 edition of the Dutch guide will go on sale on 20 November 2014.

Librije's Zusje in Amsterdam debuts in the 2015 edition with 2 Michelin stars. Librije's Zusje is three-star chef Jonnie Boer's new restaurant in Amsterdam, which opened its doors in May 2014. Head chef at Librije's Zusje is Sidney Schutte (ex-De Librije and The Landmark Oriental in Hong Kong). Librije's Zusje in Zwolle, located close to Jonnie Boer's flagship three-star restaurant, will no longer be featured in the guide; the restaurant will close at the end of the year and the team will move to Amsterdam.
De Lindehof in Nuenen (near Eindhoven) and 't Nonnetje in Harderwijk have also been awarded a second star in the 2015 guide.

Restaurant De Leuf in Ubachsberg has lost its second star. De Leuf's head chef and owner Paul van de Bunt sadly passed away earlier this year at the age of 61. Two-star restaurant De Zwethheul in Schipluiden near Rotterdam will not be included in this year's guide, since the restaurant will relocate and relaunch with a new concept and name next year. The number of two-star restaurants in the Netherlands remains at 19, a number that has shown a 35% growth since 2010.

No changes at the top of the culinary pyramid in the Netherlands: De Librije in Zwolle (chef: Jonnie Boer) and De Leest in Vaassen (chef: Jacob Jan Boerma), remain the Netherlands' two three-star restaurants. The first restaurant in the Netherlands to be awarded 3 stars by Michelin was Parkheuvel in Rotterdam in 2002. Then chef Cees Helder of Parkheuvel has retired since and the restaurant now once again holds 2 stars.

In the 2015 guide 5 restaurants have been awarded their first Michelin star. The new entries are: Sazanka (teppanyaki) at the Okura Hotel and Restaurant Sinne, both in Amsterdam; Ratatouille in Haarlem, FG Foodlabs in Rotterdam (2nd restaurant of 2-star chef Francois Geurds), and Wiesen in Eindhoven. Nine restaurants have lost their star for various reasons, including closure, chef change and change of concept.
The 2015 guide will feature 79 one-star restaurants in total.

The Netherlands share a Bib Gourmand guide with Belgium and Luxembourg, the Bib Gourmand Benelux guide. The 2015 guide was released earlier this month and the Netherlands has 115 entries in this guide (22 newly awarded).

A full list of Michelin stars and Bib Gourmands can be found here

Posted 17-11-2014

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