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Restaurant Lafleur in Frankfurt - 2 Michelin stars

Rating: 93. Germany currently has no fewer than 39 2-star restaurants and in the 2017 guide for Germany the city of Frankfurt was featured with two 2-star restaurants, Tiger-Gourmetrestaurant and Restaurant Lafleur, both part of the the Tiger Palmen Gruppe. Tiger-Gourmetrestaurant was awarded its second Michelin star in November 2013 (2014 guide). Executive chef at the time was Andreas Krolik (b.1974), who no...
Category: Restaurants - Subcategory Germany - Frankfurt - 04-06-2017


Restaurant Schwarzenstein - Nils Henkel in Geisenheim, Germany

Rating: 95. Just last December, it was announced that Burg Schwarzenstein, a luxury hotel located in the Rheingau wine region in Germany, had brought chef Nils Henkel on board to run their gourmet restaurant. Nils Henkel used to be executive chef at Gourmetrestaurant Lerbach at the Schloss Lerbach hotel in Bergisch-Gladbach, but he kind of fell of my radar when Schloss Lerbach ("Lerbach") closed its...
Category: Restaurants - Subcategory Germany - Geisenheim - 10-05-2017


Atelier in Munich - 3 Michelin stars

Rating: 98. Note: in November 2017 it was announced that Atelier was awarded 3 Michelin stars in the 2018 Michelin guide to Germany Atelier is the fine dining restaurant of Munich's luxury five-star Hotel Bayerischer Hof, recently making the news because of the high-profile 53rd Munich Security Conference that was held at the hotel. Executive chef of Atelier since 2014 is Jan Hartwig (b. 1982). Hartwig...
Category: Restaurants - Subcategories: Germany3 stars - 26-03-2017


Gustav in Frankfurt - 1 Michelin star

Rating: 90. When Gustav opened its doors early 2015, they were an instant hit with the German restaurant guides. Within a year after opening, they won a Michelin star, they entered the Gault Millau Deutschland guide with a 16 out of 20 rating, and Gault Millau named head chef Jochim Busch "Discovery of the Year". Gustav is the second restaurant of restaurateur couple Matthias Schieber and Milica Tra...
Category: Restaurants - Subcategory Germany - Frankfurt - 31-01-2017


Victor's Fine Dining by Cristian Bau (Schloss Berg) in Germany - 3 Michelins stars

Chefs and tattoos go together like steak and Béarnaise. German chef Christian Bau (b. 1971) is well-known for his two forearm tattoos, both tattooed in 2005, when he was awarded three Michelin stars for his restaurant Schloss Berg (now known as Victor's Fine Dining by Christian Bau). One arm features the classic "trois étoiles", and the other arm also features three s...
Category: Restaurants - Subcategories: 3 starsGermany - 23-05-2016


Vendôme in Bergisch-Gladbach, Germany - 3 Michelin stars

Rating: 98. Joachim Wissler, Vendôme, and "New German Cuisine" are often mentioned in the same breath. The rise of German haute cuisine started as early as 1979, when Eckart Witzigmann's Munich restaurant Aubergine was Germany's first restaurant to be awarded three Michelin stars, quickly followed by Heinz Winkler's Tantris in 1981, Herbert Schönberger's Der Goldene Pflug ...
Category: Restaurants - Subcategories: Germany3 stars - 17-02-2015


Le Moissonnier in Cologne, Germany - 2 Michelin stars

Rating: 90. The German city of Cologne currently has one two-star restaurant; it is Le Moissonnier in the Krefelder Strasse, styled like a French brasserie. The restaurant was originally established as an actual brasserie in 1987 by Vincent and Liliane Moissonnier, who still own the restaurant. Shortly after the opening Eric Menchon took on the role of head chef and more than 25 years later he is still in cha...
Category: Restaurants - Subcategory Germany - Cologne - 14-08-2014


Amador in Mannheim, Germany - 3 Michelin stars

Rating: 97. Note: Amador closed in May 2015. Chef Juan Amador is planning to open a new venture in the near future. My first meal at Amador was 6 years ago in 2008. Obviously I don't remember all the details of that multi-course meal, but one dish is forever imprinted on my mind. It was Juan Amador's interpretation of 'Strammer Max' (a traditional German ham and fried egg sandwich), where t...
Category: Restaurants - Subcategories: 3 starsGermany - 24-06-2014


Restaurant Bareiss in Baiersbronn, Germany - 3 Michelin stars

Rating: 97. While The Fat Duck in Britain and elBulli in Spain were taking centre stage in the international gastronomic world in the mid 2000's, quietly the gastronomic equivalent of a "Wirtschaftswunder" was taking place in Germany. This "Wunder" started in 2004 (2005 guide) when Michelin appointed Joachim Wissler's Vendôme in Bergisch-Gladbach as Germany's sixth three-...
Category: Restaurants - Subcategories: 3 starsGermany - 13-06-2014


Restaurant Schwarzwaldstube in Baiersbronn, Germany - 3 Michelin stars

Rating: 96. If there is a place in Germany that can lay claim to being the high altar of German gastronomy, it must be restaurant Schwarzwaldstube in hotel Traube Tonbach in Baiersbronn (Black Forest). Under the aegis of Harald Wohlfahrt (b. 1955) since 1980, it has held three Michelin stars without interruption since 1992. After Eckart Witzigmann, Herbert Schönberner, Heinz Winkler and Jean-Claude Bourg...
Category: Restaurants - Subcategories: 3 starsGermany - 09-06-2014


Villa Merton in Frankfurt - 2 Michelin stars

Rating: 87. Note: Villa Merton relaunched in 2015 with a new menu and a new chef, André Grossfeld. In the 2016 guide for Germany Villa Merton was awarded 1 Michelin star Restaurant Villa Merton is housed in a neo-Baroque villa, located in the diplomatic district of Frankfurt. The villa is also the home of the 'Union International Club', a international service club. The villa was originally ...
Category: Restaurants - Subcategory Germany - Frankfurt - 27-01-2014


Meet Germany's 11 three-star chefs

Currently Germany has 11 three-star restaurants, spread around the country. Not all of these are household names in the international, particularly the English speaking, dining scene. I thought it would be worthwhile to give you a brief introduction to these eleven men.     View all three-star restaurants in Germany in a larger map     (copy...
Category: Restaurants,Michelin - Subcategory Germany - 09-11-2013


Reinstoff in Berlin - 2 Michelin stars

Rating: 90. Electrical equipment giant AEG used to have many factories in and around Berlin, in which they manufactured varied products such as motors, light bulbs, generators and turbines. AEG's light bulb production took place in a factory in the Schlegelstrasse, located in the Berlin Mitte district. The factory complex was redeveloped at the beginning of this century and appropriately re...
Category: Restaurants - Subcategory Germany - Berlin - 05-11-2013


Restaurant Überfahrt in Rottach-Egern, Germany - 3 Michelin stars

Rating: 97. Note: Restaurant Überfahrt was awarded a third Michelin star in 2014 Michelin guide Germany. Restaurant Überfahrt in Rottach-Egern is celebrating its fifth anniversary this year. The restaurant is housed in Seehotel Überfahrt on the shores of the Tegernsee, a beautiful lake situated some 50 kilometers south of Munich. The hotel is part of the German Althoff Group, a group that&nb...
Category: Restaurants - Subcategories: Germany3 stars - 28-09-2013


Essigbrätlein in Nuremberg, Germany - 2 Michelin stars

Rating: 79. Restaurant Essigbrätlein in Nuremberg in Bavaria is housed in a building (Weinmarkt 3) that represents almost 500 years of gastronomic history. In 1550 the establishment was already referred to as "des Senzenwirts am Weinmarkt Eckbehausung" and as "Fässla" in 1596 in the city's annals. The designation "Essigbrätlein" is first mentione...
Category: Restaurants - Subcategory Germany - Other - 16-09-2013


Lorenz Adlon Esszimmer in Berlin - 2 Michelin stars

Rating: 93. Lorenz Adlon (1849-1921) was a powerhouse in the restaurant and hotel scene of the imperial Berlin of Wilhelm II. One might perhaps say that he was the César Ritz of Germany. He was born in Mainz and started his career as a restaurateur in 1877 in the “Raimundigarten” in Mainz. In the 1880’s he moved to Berlin, where he acquired a number of restaurants, the most famous of ...
Category: Restaurants - Subcategory Germany - Berlin - 12-07-2013


Tim Raue in Berlin - 2 Michelin stars

Rating: 91. On the 19th of June 2013, US-president Barack Obama had dinner in Schloss Charlottenburg in Berlin with "Bundeskanzler" Angela Merkel and a few dozen guests. The four courses were cooked by Berlin chef Tim Raue. Overall, it was quite a traditional ("bodenständig") menu: white asparagus, cod, Königsberger Klopse (veal meatball) and Bienenstich (bee sting...
Category: Restaurants - Subcategory Germany - Berlin - 06-07-2013


Süllberg - Seven Seas in Hamburg (2 Michelin stars)

Rating: 85. Süllberg Seven Seas is the flagship restaurant of the Karlheinz Hauser group, which consists of a hotel and a number of restaurants on the Süllberg in Blankenese just north of Hamburg, and a catering and consulting company. After having finished his training, Karlheinz Hauser (b. 1967) started working at the Königshof restaurant in Munich in 1988. From 1989 until...
Category: Restaurants - Subcategory Germany - Hamburg - 19-06-2013


Restaurant Haerlin in Hamburg - 2 Michelin stars

Rating: 94. Hotel Vier Jahreszeiten in Hamburg is one of the most prominent traditional grand hotels in Germany. It is one of only nine hotels in Germany to receive the highest rating of five red houses in the Michelin 2013 guide and enjoys a magnificent location on the Binnenalster. The history of the Vier Jahreszeiten started on 24 February 1897 when Friedrich Haerlin purchased an 11-room&n...
Category: Restaurants - Subcategory Germany - Hamburg - 17-06-2013


Aqua in Wolfsburg - 3 Michelin stars

Rating: 98. Its location is somewhat unusual to say the least: Volkswagen Autostadt in Wolfsburg, Germany. Autostadt is a 70 acre theme park right next to the Volkswagen factory and it attracts over 2 million visitors a year. Eight pavilions represent the brands under the umbrella of the Volkswagen AG, such as Audi, Seat, Porsche, Lamborghini and obviously Volkswagen itself. You can also p...
Category: Restaurants - Subcategories: 3 starsGermany - 14-06-2013


La Belle Epoque in Travemünde - 3 Michelin stars

Rating: 97. Note: Chef Kevin Fehling has left La Belle Epoque and will open his own restaurant called The Table in Hamburg in August 2015. It may well have been a Gillardeau oyster with Eisbein (ham hock), served with parsley, sauerkraut and horseradish that got restaurant La Belle Epoque in Travemünde its third star in the 2013 Michelin guide for Germany. Chief-editor Ralf Flinkenflügel said abo...
Category: Restaurants - Subcategories: Germany3 stars - 05-06-2013


Vendôme in Bergisch-Gladbach - 3 Michelin stars

Rating: 93. When you look at German two and three-star restaurants, it's safe to say that the majority of them are housed in hotels. Vendôme restaurant is located in the very grand and stately Schloss Bensberg in Bergisch-Gladbach. The Schloss was originally built as a 'Rhenish Versailles' for Elector Palatine Johann Wihelm II's second wife, Anna Maria Luisa de'Medici. Unfortuna...
Category: Restaurants - Subcategories: Germany3 stars - 25-04-2013


Gourmet restaurant Lerbach (Nils Henkel) - 2 Michelin stars

Rating: 97. Note: Gourmet restaurant Lerbach closed in December 2014. The history of the gourmet restaurant at Schlosshotel Lerbach in Bergisch-Gladbach is closely linked to the history of the hotel itself. There has been a country house at this location since the middle ages, that has served as a residence for many wealthy German families among which the legendary Siemens family. In 1992 the country house...
Category: Restaurants - Subcategory Germany - Bergisch-Gladbach - 20-04-2013


Victor's Gourmet-Restaurant Schloss Berg - 3 Michelin stars

Rating: 99. Perl-Nennig is not close to anywhere. Some might say it is close to Trier, Luxembourg or even Strasbourg but in reality it is not. The village of Perl is located on the German bank of the Luxembourg Moselle and it has very little to say for itself. Perl-Nennig boasts the customary remains of a Roman villa with floor mosaics and the ruins of some or other Schloss (strictly for rubble-lovers...
Category: Restaurants - Subcategories: 3 starsGermany - 27-03-2013


Waldhotel Sonnora in Wittlich - 3 Michelin stars

Rating: 95. Germany currently has no fewer than 10 restaurants with three Michelin stars. Recently there's been much talk about "the rise of German cuisine" but those who are in this conversation seem to forget that German gastronomy has been world-class for decades and that Germany is a foodie destination that has been overlooked for many years. With 27 three-star restaurants, France is cl...
Category: Restaurants - Subcategories: Germany3 stars - 22-03-2013


La Vie in Osnabruck - Germany's new three-star restaurant

Rating: 95. "German Food Far Beyond the Bratwurst", that was the title of my article on German cuisine last year. An article about how German cuisine has rapidly evolved in the last few decades. I wrote that article at the time because there still is a lot of misconception when it comes to German fine dining. Only recently more and more foreigners have started discovering Germany and it...
Category: Restaurants - Subcategories: 3 starsGermany - 10-12-2011


German food, far beyond the Bratwurst!

This September one of the main themes on my blog will be German food and wine, starting with this post. German food has been a favourite of mine for as long as I can remember. I've been travelling to Germany ever since I was a child. Throughout the years I have spent many weekends and holidays in Germany. With every trip I learnt more about German cuisine and still there is so much to explore...
Category: Restaurants,Travel - Subcategories: GeneralGermany - 04-09-2010



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