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Restaurant 212 in Amsterdam

Rating: 93. Last year, at the end of August, news broke that chefs Richard van Oostenbrugge and Thomas Groot of restaurant Bord'eau (2 Michelin stars at the time), would leave Bord'eau by the end of the year to start their own kitchen counter restaurant in Amsterdam. Two weeks later, around my birthday, I had one final meal at Bordeau, a truly outstanding meal that was nothing short of three-st...
Category: Restaurants - Subcategory The Netherlands - Amsterdam - 02-03-2018


De Kas in Amsterdam

Rating: 90. De Kas has been a steady fixture on the Amsterdam dining scene for many years. Any visitor of the Dutch capital with an interest in food will probably have De Kas on their restaurant list; during both my recent meals there, the dining room counted many nationalities. One of the main attractions of the restaurant is its unique location in a vintage greenhouse which dates bake to 1926, with a...
Category: Restaurants - Subcategory The Netherlands - Amsterdam - 14-02-2018


Manoir Restaurant Inter Scaldes in Kruiningen, the Netherlands - 3 Michelin stars

Rating: 98. Note: In December Inter Scaldes was awarded a third Michelin star in the 2018 guide for the Netherlands The southwestern province of Zeeland is perhaps the foodiest province of the Netherlands, especially if you're into seafood. The province is one of the least densely populated provinces of the Netherlands, with around 380,000 inhabitants compared to e.g. 2.4 million in the neighbouri...
Category: Restaurants - Subcategory The Netherlands - Other - 15-10-2017


Restaurant Arles in Amsterdam

Rating: 85. Restaurant Arles ("Arles') is a neo-bistro situated in the De Pijp area in Amsterdam, and is owned by hospitality concept developer Ronald Huiskamp and Bob Hamersma, son of renowned Dutch wine writer Harold Hamersma. Huiskamp was recently also involved as concept developer/consultant in the (re)launch of The White Room at the Krasnapolsky Hotel (three-star chef Jacob Jan Boerma's se...
Category: Restaurants - Subcategory The Netherlands - Amsterdam - 06-04-2017


Pure C in Zeeland, the Netherlands - 1 Michelin star

Rating: 93. When Pure C opened in 2010, it was the second restaurant of Dutch chef Sergio Herman, internationally acclaimed for his three Michelin starred restaurant Oud Sluis in Sluis. A lot has changed since then. In the summer of 2013 it was announced that Oud Sluis was to close its doors for good at the end of the year, Herman stating at the time "I've literally and figuratively reached my peak...
Category: Restaurants - Subcategory The Netherlands - Cadzand - 01-04-2017


Bolenius in Amsterdam - 1 Michelin star

Rating: 90. You need to revisit and re-review this restaurant. That's what Xavier, my husband, suggested to me last September, when he returned from lunch with a business partner at Bolenius in Amsterdam. Apparently things had changed a lot since our last visits in 2012, when I found the experience at Bolenius underwhelming. Next thing you know, Bolenius was awarded a Michelin star in the ...
Category: Restaurants - Subcategory The Netherlands - Amsterdam - 18-01-2017


Auberge Jean & Marie in Amsterdam

Rating: 89. Auberge Jean & Marie is new restaurant and wine bar in Amsterdam by Jan Grijpeere (Jean) and Marije Bremer (Marie), which opened its doors in the lively "De Pijp" area in Amsterdam this summer. Before opening their own, partly crowdfunded, restaurant. Jan and Marije worked at Amsterdam hotspots like winebar Vyne, Bistrot Neuf and Guts & Glory. (courtesy of Jean & Mar...
Category: Restaurants - Subcategory The Netherlands - Amsterdam - 27-10-2016


BAK restaurant in Amsterdam

Rating: 89. BAK is a pop-up turned brick-and-mortar restaurant located on the 3rd floor of the 'Het Veem' theatre, a former warehouse sitting on the banks of the river IJ in Amsterdam's 'Westelijk Havengebied' area. The restaurant is owned by three friends, Benny Blisto (chef), Alessandro da Fies (restaurant manager/sommelier) and Piet Sanders, and they have been operating from this perman...
Category: Restaurants - Subcategory The Netherlands - Amsterdam - 02-04-2016


Restaurant Sinne in Amsterdam - 1 Michelin star

Rating: 89. Situated on the busy Ceintuurbaan in the "De Pijp" area, Restaurant Sinne ("Sinne") is one of Amsterdam's fourteen Michelin starred restaurants (4 two-stars and 10 one-stars), and is owned by chef Alexander Ioannou and his wife Suzanne Sluijter. The couple opened the restaurant in October 2013 and thirteen months later, in November 2014 (2015 guide), Sinne was awarded ...
Category: Restaurants - Subcategory The Netherlands - Amsterdam - 16-03-2016


Kaagman & Kortekaas in Amsterdam

Rating: 86. In september 2015 chef Giel Kaagman and sommelier Bram Kortekaas opened their eponymous bistro-style restaurant bang in the middle of the centre of Amsterdam, near De Nieuwe Kerk. The duo has gained experience in renowned restaurants in Amsterdam. Most recently they both worked at French restaurant Bordewijk and before the opening of the restaurant, Bram Kortekaas worked briefly at Rotisserie...
Category: Restaurants - Subcategory The Netherlands - Amsterdam - 16-02-2016


Restaurant Breda in Amsterdam

Rating: 91. Amsterdam is experiencing a restaurant boom. A couple of weeks ago Amsterdam's local newspaper Het Parool reported that the Amsterdam dining scene has grown by 27% in the past 5 years, and that the Dutch capital currently has now fewer than 4 new restaurant openings a week. As is inevitable with booms: There is the good and the bad, the great and the low and the just and the unjust (Al...
Category: Restaurants - Subcategory The Netherlands - Amsterdam - 22-01-2016


Mr Porter in Amsterdam

Rating: 80. You can get good steaks in Amsterdam these days, but the Dutch capital had never had a proper American style steakhouse. So, I was very pleased to hear that the W Hotel in Amsterdam would be opening a steakhouse called Mr Porter, on the top floor of the hotel. And the use of the words "steakhouse" and "chophouse" on their website was very promising, although the self-chosen qua...
Category: Restaurants - Subcategory The Netherlands - Amsterdam - 07-01-2016


De Librije in Zwolle, the Netherlands - 3 Michelin stars

Rating: 99. After having occupyied Zwolle's former monastic library for 25 years, Jonnie and Thérèse Boer announced in September 2014, that they would be relocating their restaurant De Librije to the Librije Hotel, housed in the former city prison (they do know how to give old buildings a new lease of life). The restaurant reopened in January 2015 and is now situated in the hotel's spaci...
Category: Restaurants - Subcategories: 3 starsThe Netherlands - 27-12-2015


Choux in Amsterdam

Rating: 90. Choux is a new venture by chef Merijn van Berlo and sommelier Figo van Onna, who have previously opened Repéré and Foyer, two successful pop-up restaurants in Amsterdam, in 2014. The restaurant opened its doors in May 2015 and has its abode in the Spring House, located on the south bank of the IJ river in Amsterdam. Where in London a new restaurant would get all the critics in, in th...
Category: Restaurants - Subcategory The Netherlands - Amsterdam - 16-11-2015


Central Park by Ron Blaauw in Voorburg (near The Hague)

Rating: 89. Central Park by Ron Blaauw ("Central Park") is a new, brasserie-style restaurant housed in a stately building on the the Vreugd and Rust estate in Voorburg (near The Hague), a space previously occupied by the illustrious and long-standing Michelin-starred restaurant Savelberg. The restaurant is run by first-time restaurateur Carsten Klint, and the menu is overseen by renowned Dutch Miche...
Category: Restaurants - Subcategory The Netherlands - Other - 15-03-2015


't Nonnetje in Harderwijk, the Netherlands - 2 Michelin stars

Rating: 88. In the 2015 edition of the Michelin guide, the Netherlands gained two more two-star restaurants, 't Nonnetje in Harderwijk (some 44 miles from Amsterdam) and De Lindehof in Nuenen (near Eindhoven). 't Nonnetje ("The little nun") is located in the city centre of Harderwijk, one of the Netherlands' historic hanseatic cities. Since 1998, the owner and maître d'hô...
Category: Restaurants - Subcategory The Netherlands - Harderwijk - 04-03-2015


De Leest in Vaassen, the Netherlands - 3 Michelin stars

Rating: 97. In 2013 De Leest was the fourth restaurant in Dutch history to be awarded three Michelin stars, the others being De Librije in Zwolle in 2004, Oud Sluis in Sluis in 2006 (now defunct) and Parkheuvel in Rotterdam in 2002 (now 2 stars, chef Cees Helder retired in 2006). Executive chef at De Leest is Jacob Jan Boerma (b. 1972) and maître d'hôtel / sommelier is his wife Kim Veldman. Be...
Category: Restaurants - Subcategories: The Netherlands3 stars - 19-01-2015


RIJKS restaurant at the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam

Rating: 90. In April 2013 the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam finally reopened, following a lengthy and difficult renovation. During the 10-year renovation period the museum used the so-called Philips wing to display part of their world-famous collection. Right after the reopening of the Rijksmuseum, the wing was closed for refurbishment. In November 2014 the Philips wing reopened as an exhibition space of the Rijks...
Category: Restaurants - Subcategory The Netherlands - Amsterdam - 14-12-2014


Inter Scaldes in Kruiningen (Zealand) - 2 Michelin stars

Rating: 96. Manoir Restaurant Inter Scaldes ("Inter Scaldes") is currently the longest-running restaurant in the Netherlands to hold two Michelin stars. The second star was awarded in 1984, when the restaurant was under the reign of the previous owners, Maartje (chef) and Kees (maître d'hôtel) Boudeling, making Maartje the first Dutch female chef to be awarded two Michelin stars. Sin...
Category: Restaurants - Subcategory The Netherlands - Other - 04-11-2014


Bord'eau in Amsterdam - 2 Michelin stars (2014 review)

Rating: 94. Note: Chefs Richard van Oostenbrugge and Thomas Groot have left Bord'eau to start their own restaurant called 212, see my review here.  You were quick to pick up on this one. What do you mean? Well, the restaurant had been open for less than a year when you wrote in your October 2012 review: "Surely a Michelin star in next year's guide is a matter of course". True. And,...
Category: Restaurants - Subcategory The Netherlands - Amsterdam - 20-10-2014


De Kromme Watergang in Hoofdplaat, Zealand Flanders - 2 Michelin stars

Rating: 93. De Kromme Watergang is a restaurant owned by husband and wife team Edwin and Blanche Vincke in Hoofdplaat in Zealand-Flanders. The couple established the restaurant, housed in a former nursery school, in 1993. De Kromme Watergang received its first Michelin star in 2005, a second star followed in 2011 (2012 guide). These days, the province of Zealand shows an attractive Michelin-starred landscape,...
Category: Restaurants - Subcategory The Netherlands - Other - 10-10-2014


Perceel in Capelle aan den IJssel, near Rotterdam - 1 Michelin star (2014 review)

Rating: 92. In my last review of Perceel (April 2012), I concluded that this establishment was one to follow over the coming years and that is precisely what I've been trying to do. I have been back twice since, the first time in January 2013 (see slideshow) and most recently in July 2014. During my last meal I noticed subtle changes, significant enough to warrant a new review. Perceel is open for l...
Category: Restaurants - Subcategory The Netherlands - Rotterdam - 29-08-2014


Aan de Poel in Amstelveen, the Netherlands - 2 Michelin stars

Rating: 92. Picture this: a brilliant waterside location with lovely views, a welcoming outdoor terrace, an equally good ambience indoors, 2 Michelin stars, and only 13 miles from the city centre of Amsterdam. Who can say no to that? Well I certainly can't, and in the last few years I have said yes to Aan de Poel many times. Aan de Poel is a restaurant owned by Stefan van Sprang (executive chef) and Robbe...
Category: Restaurants - Subcategory The Netherlands - Amstelveen - 16-08-2014


FG in Rotterdam - 2 Michelin stars (slideshow)

Rating: 93. In November 2013 FG restaurant in Rotterdam (previously named Ivy) was awarded a second Michelin star.  In my opinion this second star was well-deserved since chef Francois Geurds (former sous-chef at The Fat Duck) and his team had consistently been cooking at this level for a number of years already (see my 2011 and 2012 reviews). On Saturday 17 May 2014 I had a delightful lunch at FG. This ...
Category: Restaurants - Subcategory The Netherlands - Rotterdam - 05-08-2014


Librije's Zusje at the Waldorf Astoria Hotel in Amsterdam

Rating: 94. The Herengracht in Amsterdam is probably the city's most expensive postal code. It is its Mayfair, its Upper Eastside, its 1st arrondissement, if you will. Of all the canals in Amsterdam (a Unesco World Heritage site since 2010), the Herengracht is the most prestigious. It was named in 1612 after the "Heeren Regeerders van de Stad Amsterdam" (the governors of the city of Amsterdam) a...
Category: Restaurants - Subcategory The Netherlands - Amsterdam - 06-05-2014


Ciel Bleu in Amsterdam - 2 Michelin stars (2014 review)

Rating: 92. With its location on the 23rd floor of the Okura Hotel in Amsterdam, Ciel Bleu still takes the lead when it comes to bright lights, big city views over Amsterdam. But where Ciel Bleu used to be the only two-star restaurant in the Dutch capital for years, Amsterdam now boasts three two-star restaurants, the newcomers in this category being Bord'eau at the l'Europe Hotel and &samhoud pla...
Category: Restaurants - Subcategory The Netherlands - Amsterdam - 20-03-2014


Le Petit Bistro at The Grand in Amsterdam - perhaps not?!

Rating: 83. The week of 10 - 16 March 2014 was a remarkable week in gastronomy. Michelin published the Main Cities of Europe guide 2014 and announced the future publication of a new Nordic guide. Michael Ellis commented on Noma and the third star (so far not forthcoming) and in the Anglo-Saxon world there was a lot of discussion about the web of interdependency weaved by bloggers, journalists, restaurants and...
Category: Restaurants - Subcategory The Netherlands - Amsterdam - 16-03-2014


Daalder in Amsterdam

Rating: 90. Note: Chefs Guillaume de Beer and Freek van Noortwijk left Daalder in December 2015 and have opened their own restaurant called Breda in Amsterdam. You can find my review of Restaurant Breda here. Restaurant Daalder is located in a former jazz café on the corner of the Lindengracht and the Eerste Goudsebloemdwarsstraat in in the historic Jordaan area of Amsterdam. But if you look at the ...
Category: Restaurants - Subcategory The Netherlands - Amsterdam - 22-02-2014


Restaurant Fred in Rotterdam - 2 Michelin stars

Rating: 91. With the release of the 2014 Michelin guide, the Netherlands gained 3 new two-star restaurants, Restaurant Fred and FG (previously Ivy), both in Rotterdam and Bord'eau in Amsterdam. The Netherlands have 19 two-star restaurants in total. Fred Mustert's eponymous restaurant opened its doors in 2008 and was awarded its first Michelin star in 2010. Before opening his own restaurant Fred Muster...
Category: Restaurants - Subcategory The Netherlands - Rotterdam - 05-02-2014


Chapeau in Bloemendaal, the Netherlands - 2 Michelin stars

Rating: 95. Bloemendaal is a small to medium-sized, rather posh town, some 15 miles west of Amsterdam and close to the North Sea coastline. In the middle of the town centre you will find restaurant Chapeau, which is housed in an elegant "town villa" as they are called in the Netherlands, which used to serve as a hotel. Chapeau opened its doors in 1996 and is run by Ronald Voogel and h...
Category: Restaurants - Subcategory The Netherlands - 07-01-2014


&samhoud places, Amsterdam - 2 Michelin stars (2013 review)

Rating: 97. "Every opening I deal with wants to have a catchy name. There are three rules. Make sure it is not rude, people can spell it, and it is not in an obscure language." So says Maureen Mills, London restaurant PR person extraordinaire. Seems reasonable. And then they decide to call it &samhoud places. What? I know, don't ask. They? They are Salem Samhoud and Moshi...
Category: Restaurants - Subcategory The Netherlands - Amsterdam - 07-10-2013


Bridges at Sofitel The Grand in Amsterdam

Rating: 86. Bridges is the restaurant of one of the most prestigious hotels in Amsterdam, Sofitel The Grand on the Oudezijds Voorburgwal right in the city centre. The location of the hotel is steeped in history. Until Amsterdam became a protestant city in 1578, the Saint Cecilia convent was established here. For more than two centuries after this "Alteration of Amsterdam", the building, kn...
Category: Restaurants - Subcategory The Netherlands - Amsterdam - 25-08-2013


Ron Gastrobar in Amsterdam

Rating: 89. At the end of March 2013, two-star chef Ron Blaauw took the Dutch culinary world by surprise, when he announced he would be closing his two-star restaurant in the Dutch capital for a small refurbishment and relaunch it as Ron Gastrobar. The aim is to give diners a more relaxed, informal and affordable dining experience. Within a couple of days the restaurant was transformed and on Thursday 4 ...
Category: Restaurants - Subcategory The Netherlands - Amsterdam - 23-04-2013


Amarone in Rotterdam - 1 Michelin star

Rating: 85. Amarone restaurant is located in a bustling Rotterdam high street called De Meent. Head chef and owner of the restaurant is Gert Blom. Before opening his restaurant in 2006, Gert Blom trained in the kitchens of well-known Dutch (Michelin starred) restaurants, such as La Rive at the Amstel Hotel in Amsterdam (during the two-star reign of chef Robert Kranenborg), Huis ter Duin in Noordwijk, De Zweth...
Category: Restaurants - Subcategory The Netherlands - Rotterdam - 22-04-2013


De Treeswijkhoeve - 2 Michelin stars near Eindhoven

Rating: 92. In spite of the economic difficulties the country (and all of Europe) is experiencing, the Netherlands continue to do well with Michelin. The two three-star restaurants (De Librije and Oud Sluis) are well worthy of their accolade and the number of two-starred restaurants (18) is impressive, when you consider that Belgium (where, unlike in the Netherlands, fine dining is an essential part...
Category: Restaurants - Subcategory The Netherlands - Other - 14-04-2013


De Librije - 3 Michelin stars (2013 review)

Rating: 100. In 2013 husband and wife team Jonnie and Thérèse Boer celebrate their 20 years at De Librije restaurant in Zwolle. These 20 years have been quite a journey, a journey that has taken them to the very pinnacle of haute cuisine in the Netherlands and arguably in Europe. The year after Jonnie and Thérèse Boer had taken over De Librije, the restaurant was...
Category: Restaurants - Subcategories: 3 starsThe Netherlands - 04-03-2013


FG Restaurant (previously Ivy), Rotterdam - 2012 review

Rating: 93. Note: In June 2013 Restaurant Ivy changed its name to FG Restaurant. In February 2009, former sous-chef of The Fat Duck François Geurds opened his own restaurant in Rotterdam. He called it Ivy. Nine months later a Michelin star was born. François Geurds has trained in some of the top Michelin starred kitchens in Netherlands and before his sojourn at the Fat Duck, Franç...
Category: Restaurants - Subcategory The Netherlands - 27-11-2012


Bord'eau restaurant at Hotel de l'Europe in Amsterdam

Rating: 91. As we all know, Alfred Hitchcock was renowned for his cameo appearances in the films he directed. In his 1940 film "Foreign Correspondent", the Hotel de l'Europe in Amsterdam was used as a location and early on in the movie Hitchcock can be seen walking past the hotel, reading a newspaper. In a(nother) famous scene in the film, the (partially defective) lights on ...
Category: Restaurants - Subcategory The Netherlands - Amsterdam - 20-10-2012


Bolenius in Amsterdam

Rating: 86. In 2010 Luc Kusters (head chef) and Xavier Giessen (maitre d'hotel and sommelier) opened Bolenius restaurant in Amsterdam. The restaurant is located in the business district called "Zuidas". They have their own vegetable garden which is literally situated among the office buildings. These days it's certainly not uncommon for a restaurant to be located in a bus...
Category: Restaurants - Subcategory The Netherlands - Amsterdam - 14-10-2012


Inter Scaldes in Kruiningen, the Netherlands - two Michelin stars

Rating: 94. Inter Scaldes in Kruiningen is one of the grandest and most renowned Michelin-starred restaurants in the Netherlands. The restaurant is housed in a stunning thatched country house, set in beautiful grounds. Also on the grounds is the 'Manoir', with its 12 elegant bedrooms and suites. The village of Kruiningen is situated on the Zuid-Beveland peninsula in the low-lying province of Z...
Category: Restaurants - Subcategory The Netherlands - 13-10-2012


&samhoud places in Amsterdam

Rating: 94. In January 2012 (Israel born) Dutch two-star chef Moshik Roth and entrepreneur Salem Samhoud announced that they would be opening a new restaurant with an up-scale dining concept called '&samhoud places' in the newly developed 'Oosterdokseiland' in Amsterdam later this year. After seven months and a € 700,000 investment &samhoud places has recently opened its doors....
Category: Restaurants - Subcategory The Netherlands - Amsterdam - 18-09-2012


Ron Blaauw in Amsterdam: relocated and revisited

Rating: 94. Note: In April 2013 Ron Blaauw relaunched his restaurant as Ron Gastrobar, see my review here My last visit to Ron Blaauw restaurant had been on 21 February 2011. The lunch I had there was the last service at the old venue in Ouderkerk a/d Amstel (a delightful little village just a stone's throw from Amsterdam) before the restaurant moved to Amsterdam proper. It was in Ouderk...
Category: Restaurants - Subcategory The Netherlands - Amsterdam - 22-08-2012


Tunes restaurant at the Conservatorium Hotel in Amsterdam

Rating: 88. Note: Tunes closed in 2014 and relaunched as Taiko by Schilo with Asian-inspired cuisine In December 2011 a new luxury and trendy hotel opened its doors in Amsterdam: the Conservatorium Hotel. The hotel is located bang in the middle of Amsterdam's Museumplein and the stunning 19th century building that houses the hotel, designed by the Dutch architect Daniel Knuttel, originally served as a ...
Category: Restaurants - Subcategory The Netherlands - Amsterdam - 25-05-2012


De Leest restaurant in Vaassen - 2 Michelin stars

Rating: 93. "De Leest" in Vaassen is a restaurant run by husband and wife team Jacob Jan Boerma and Kim Veldman. After having trained at several Dutch Michelin starred restaurants, the couple opened De Leest in 2002 and in that same year the restaurant was awarded its first Michelin star (2003 guide). A second star followed in 2006 (2007 guide). De Leest is located in Vaassen, a town on the fringes ...
Category: Restaurants - Subcategory The Netherlands - Other - 24-05-2012


Perceel restaurant - 1 Michelin star in Rotterdam

Rating: 91. Don't get me wrong: I love great restaurants and I love great chefs and I often find myself in awe at the history of long-established restaurants and the reputation and skill of legendary chefs. In fact I'm going on a culinary pilgrimage later this month to the likes of Ducasse, Gagnaire, Blanc, Troisgros, Bocuse and Haeberlin. However, nothing beats the excitement of going to new restaura...
Category: Restaurants - Subcategory The Netherlands - Rotterdam - 06-05-2012


Beluga restaurant (**) in Maastricht - a singular experience?

Rating: 87. Beluga in Maastricht is one of the Netherlands' 16 two-star restaurants. Patron-cuisinier of Beluga is Hans van Wolde. Hans van Wolde trained in a number of Dutch restaurants before opening Beluga in 1997. The restaurant was awarded its first star in 1998 and a second star followed in 2005. Beluga also has an outstanding 19.5 rating (equal to three-star De Librije and second only ...
Category: Restaurants - Subcategory The Netherlands - Maastricht - 18-04-2012


Oud Sluis - High Art in Zeeland Flanders

Rating: 100. Note: In June 2013 it was announced that Sergio Herman will close Oud Sluis permanently in December 2013. Oud Sluis is a third generation restaurant in the market town of Sluis in Zeeland Flanders, which is located in the Netherlands very close to the border with Belgium. Sergio Herman took over the restaurant from his father Ronnie in 1991. Sergio Herman obviously trained in his fath...
Category: Restaurants - Subcategories: 3 starsThe Netherlands - 18-03-2012


Restaurant De Zwethheul (**) in Schipluiden (near Rotterdam)

Rating: 92. In the Netherlands there are three important restaurant guides. Obviously there's the Michelin guide, there's the Gault Millau guide and last but not least there's the 'Lekker' guide ('Lekker' is Dutch for delicious), a guide that I have been buying for over twenty years now (yes, I do buy other guides than Michelin...). The guide is always released in November and...
Category: Restaurants - Subcategory The Netherlands - Rotterdam - 13-02-2012


De Librije, three Michelin stars in Zwolle, the Netherlands

Rating: 99. This month Jonnie Boer, executive chef and owner of De Librije restaurant in Zwolle, the Netherlands, celebrated his silver jubilee at De Librije. Jonnie Boer started working at De Librije in 1986. In 1990 he was joined by his wife Thérèse, who has been the sommelier and Maître d' at the restaurant since. Jonnie and Thérèse Boer's journey at...
Category: Restaurants - Subcategories: 3 starsThe Netherlands - 26-09-2011


Ciel Bleu restaurant at the Okura Hotel in Amsterdam

Rating: 92. The Okura Hotel in Amsterdam is a wonderful foodie destination. Over the years I have had many great lunches and dinners at their (ground floor) Japanese restaurant Yamazato (one Michelin star), one of 5 restaurants at the Okura hotel. A little while ago I had lunch at their more informal restaurant "Serre" which opened earlier this year. Serre restaurant serves simple but eleg...
Category: Restaurants - Subcategory The Netherlands - Amsterdam - 26-07-2011


Parkheuvel restaurant - two Michelin stars in Rotterdam

Rating: 93. Parkheuvel restaurant in Rotterdam is a culinary icon in the Netherlands; in 2002 it was the first restaurant in the Netherlands to be awarded three Michelin stars. The head chef and owner at the time, Cees Helder, retired in 2006 and the restaurant passed to Erik van Loo. In the year before his move to Parkheuvel, Erik van Loo had been awarded a second Michelin star at restaurant De Zwethheu...
Category: Restaurants - Subcategory The Netherlands - Rotterdam - 03-05-2011


FG Restaurant (previously Ivy) in Rotterdam - 1 Michelin star

Rating: 92. Note: In June 2013 Restaurant Ivy changed its name to FG Restaurant. This story starts in 2005, when my husband and I were having lunch at the Fat Duck in Bray-on-Thames to celebrate our 10th anniversary. A member of staff told us that a Dutch chef was working in their kitchens as Heston's sous-chef but we weren't introduced at the time. Only in February 2009 wh...
Category: Restaurants - Subcategory The Netherlands - Rotterdam - 27-03-2011


Ron Blaauw restaurant - two Michelin stars in Amsterdam

Rating: 92. Note: In April 2013 Ron Blaauw relaunched his restaurant as Ron Gastrobar, see my review here A few weeks ago head-chef Ron Blaauw of the two Michelin starred Ron Blaauw restaurant in Ouderkerk a/d Amstel announced that the restaurant will be moving to Amsterdam shortly. With this move Amsterdam will get a desperately needed second two-star restaurant. This news made me decide I just had t...
Category: Restaurants - Subcategory The Netherlands - Amsterdam - 21-02-2011


't Brouwerskolkje

Rating: 93. Note: 't Brouwerskolkje closed in April 2012. Moshik Roth has opened a new restaurant in Amsterdam called '&samhoud places', which restaurant was awarded 2 Michelin stars in 2013 Michelin guide for the Netherlands. You can find my review of &samhoud places here. At the moment the Netherlands have 13 two-star restaurants. One of them is 't Brouwerskolkje in Overveen. The...
Category: Restaurants - Subcategory The Netherlands - Other - 19-12-2010



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La Vie, Osnabruck (2011/2016)
Schwarzenstein, Geissenheim (2017)
Schloss Berg (2010/2013/2016)
Aqua (2013/2016)
Schanz, Piesport (2016)
Becker's, Trier (2016)
My Restaurants

El Celler de Can Roca, Girona (2012/2017)
Dos Palillos, Barcelona (2017)
Lasarte, Barcelona (2012/2017)
Eleven Madison Park, NYC (2016)
The Jane, Antwerp (2016/2017)
Hoja Santa, Barcelona (2017)
Blue Hill at Stone Barns (2016)
Espai Kru, Barcelona (2017)
Disfrutar, Barcelona (2017)
Dos Pebrots, Barcelona (2017)
Le Bernardin, NYC (2016)
Geranium, Copenhagen (2016)
My Restaurants

Le Cinq, Paris (2016)
l'Ambroisie, Paris (2016)
Mirazur, Menton (2016)
Neige d'Ete, Paris (2016)
l'Oustau de Baumaneire, France (2016)
Maison Bras, France (2016)
Hexagone, Paris (2016)
Le Vague d'Or, St Tropez (2016)
Champeaux, Paris (2016)
Le Petit Nice, Marseille (2016)
Regis et Jacques Marcon (2016)
Ledoyen (2014)
l'Assiette Champenoise (2014)

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